Send us your best photos of local scenes, places of interest, people having fun, etc. If your photos have people in them and were taken on private property, please make sure you have permission to take their photos. The photographer is responsible for all content in the photos and any problems that arise because of them. Photos should be the original work of the person submitting them. Copyrighted works from other people will not be accepted. The photographer will obtain all the copyrights of their work. By submitting photos to  this website, you agree to give, The Camera Angle and the website designer permission to post them on the ShopRockinghamCounty facebook page, this website, or to be used in advertising to promote the site or facebook, without any other compensation to be given to the photographer.

Photos should be resizied down to a maximum pixel size of 1500 pixels if possible and a minimum of 600 pixels. Please include your name in the file name of the photo. will select photos at random. There is no guarantee that your photos will be selected, but we will try our best depending on the number of photos submitting. We reserve the right to reject any photo for any reason.

Just fill out the form below, use the upload button to select a photo and press the "Submit " button.

Please limit photos to 1 file upload per day. Feel free to submit as many days as you want. Photos will be saved and may be used at a later date.

We would like to see your photos of Rockingham County.
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